NGK BKR5E 7938 Spark Plug


NGK BKR5E 7938 Spark Plug

NGK’s V-Power Plugs Feature a Unique V-Cut in the Center Electrode that Directs the Spark to the Edge of the Electrode, Helping the Spark Develop More Rapidly, Increasing Ignitability and Reducing quenching.

Trivalent Metal Plating Provides Superior Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Seizing Properties

Corrugated Ribs Prevent Flashover

Pure Alumina Silicate Ceramic Insulator, Provides Superior Strength and Better Heat Transfer

Copper Core Aids in Heat Removal

Triple Seals Prevent Leakage

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
NGK BKR5E 7938 Spark Plug

NGK BKR5E 7938 Spark Plug, Box of 4 NGK BKR5E 7938 Spark Plugs


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