Genuine OEM Briggs & Stratton 796227 Carburetor Nikki V-Twin


Genuine OEM Briggs & Stratton 796227 Carburetor Nikki V-Twin


Precision Engineering for Optimal Fuel Mixture

Upgrade your engine’s efficiency with the Genuine OEM Briggs & Stratton 796227 Carburetor Nikki V-Twin. Crafted with precision engineering, this carburetor ensures an optimal fuel mixture for your V-Twin engine. The result? Unparalleled performance and power for your machine. Say goodbye to sluggish starts and hello to a smooth, responsive ride.

Enhanced Fuel Economy for Cost-Effective Operation

Experience cost-effective operation with our Genuine OEM carburetor. The advanced design not only boosts performance but also enhances fuel economy. By achieving the perfect air-fuel ratio, you’ll notice fewer trips to the pump, saving you money in the long run. Invest in efficiency and watch your engine deliver more miles per gallon.

Durability that Withstands the Elements

Built to withstand the toughest conditions, the Genuine OEM Briggs & Stratton 796227 Carburetor Nikki V-Twin is your engine’s armor against the elements. Whether facing extreme temperatures or challenging terrains, this carburetor stands strong, ensuring your engine operates at peak levels. Trust in the durability that keeps your machine running, season after season.



· 406777-0001-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-0122-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-0122-B2–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-0174-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-0175-G5–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-0176-G5–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-0176-G6–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-0177-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-5216-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-5271-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-5442-G5–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-6113-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-6121-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-6132-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-6169-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-6173-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-6216-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-6271-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-6442-G5–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-6518-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-6724-G5–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-6737-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-6802-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-6885-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-6888-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 406777-6959-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-0001-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-0002-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-0004-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-0170-G5–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-0170-G6–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-0289-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-0290-G5–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-0290-G6–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-0291-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-0291-B2–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-0717-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-0990-G5–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-1330-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-1582-G5–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-3127-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-3149-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-3150-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-3195-G5–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-3217-G5–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-3271-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-3282-B1–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply
· 407777-3282-B2–>Carburetor, Fuel Supply

Weight 23 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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