Genuine Briggs & Stratton 825656 Carburetor for 825569, 825377, Daihatsu DM950


Briggs & Stratton 825656 Daihatsu DM950 Carburetor

Supersede part numbers. 825569, 825377

Genuine Briggs & Stratton 825656 Carburetor

for 825569, 825377, Daihatsu DM950


Superseded part numbers: 825569, 825377

This carburetor is compatible with the following engines:

  • 430447-0105-01 Engine  430447-0105-A1 Engine  430447-0105-E1 Engine
  • 430447-0105-E2 Engine  430447-0205-E2 Engine  430447-0305-E2 Engine
  • 433447-0115-01 Engine  433447-0115-A1 Engine  433447-0115-E2 Engine
  • 433447-0215-E2 Engine  433447-0317-E2 Engine  580447-0313-E2 Engine
  • 580447-0315-99 Engine  580447-0316-99 Engine  580447-0318-E2 Engine
  • 580447-0320-E2 Engine  580447-0327-E2 Engine  580447-0328-E2 Engine
  • 580447-0333-E2 Engine  580447-0105-A1 Engine  580447-0105-E1 Engine
  • 580447-0105-E2 Engine  580447-0110-E2 Engine  580447-0112-A1 Engine
  • 580447-0112-E2 Engine  580447-0113-E2 Engine  580447-0115-E2 Engine
  • 580447-0116-E2 Engine  580447-0205-E2 Engine  580447-0210-E2 Engine
  • 580447-0215-E2 Engine  580447-0216-E2 Engine  580447-0218-E2 Engine
  • 580447-0220-E2 Engine  580447-0221-99 Engine  580447-0225-E2 Engine
  • 580447-0227-E2 Engine  580447-0305-E2 Engine  580447-0310-E2 Engine
  • 580447-0311-E2 Engine  589447-0305-E2 Engine  589447-0308-E2 Engine
  • 589447-0310-99 Engine  589447-0322-E2 Engine 589447-0334-99 Engine

All import carburetors are not built equally.

We have brought these in, and we have altered them to be equal with the OEM Nikki and tested on equipment.

This should work great on your Gas Daihatsu engine.

We do not just import to sell carb. We import to help you keep your equipment working well.

They’re also located in the USA Utah

We now have these made. We have tested these on some workman, and they work very well.


Key Features:

1. Precise Fuel Mixing:

The Genuine Briggs & Stratton 825656 Carburetor ensures precise mixing of fuel and air, promoting efficient combustion and engine performance.

2. Improved Engine Response:

With the right fuel-air mixture, your engine will experience improved throttle response and smoother operation.

3. Genuine Quality:

This carburetor is a genuine Briggs & Stratton component, ensuring quality, compatibility, and reliable performance.

4. Easy Installation:

Designed for easy installation, the Genuine Briggs & Stratton 825656 Carburetor can be conveniently replaced or installed.

5. Compatibility:

This carburetor is compatible with specific Briggs & Stratton engine models, making it a perfect fit for your engine.


Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in


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