Simpson 90025 Pressure Washer Pump 2400PSI Vertical GPM 2.0 Axial OEM


Simpson 90025 Pressure Washer Pump 2400PSI Vertical GPM 2.0 Axial OEM


Unleash Maximum Cleaning Power

Revolutionize your cleaning routine with the Simpson 90025 Pressure Washer Pump, a powerhouse designed for efficiency and performance. Underneath its sleek exterior lies a robust axial pump that delivers an impressive 2400 PSI, ensuring every surface gets a thorough cleanse. Whether you’re tackling stubborn grime on your driveway or revitalizing the shine on your patio furniture, this pump is your trusted companion for a pristine finish.

Elevate your cleaning game with the 2.0 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) flow rate, guaranteeing a steady stream that covers more ground in less time. The Axial OEM technology ensures seamless operation, promising durability and reliability with every use. Experience the satisfaction of a spotless environment as you harness the full potential of the Simpson 90025.

Precision in Design, Excellence in Performance

Crafted with precision, the Simpson 90025 Pressure Washer Pump boasts a vertical design that not only saves space but also enhances stability during operation. The compact structure is engineered for easy integration into your existing pressure washer setup, promising a hassle-free upgrade.

Say goodbye to inefficiency and hello to a streamlined cleaning process. The vertical orientation not only facilitates space-saving but also contributes to the overall balance of your pressure washer, making it more maneuverable and user-friendly. Invest in excellence and let the Simpson 90025 redefine your expectations of pressure washer pumps.

Unmatched Versatility for Every Task

Your cleaning needs are diverse, and the Simpson 90025 Pressure Washer Pump rises to the occasion. This versatile powerhouse adapts to various tasks effortlessly, from delicate surfaces like car exteriors to tough outdoor cleaning projects. The 2400 PSI ensures you have the power needed for high-intensity tasks, while the 2.0 GPM flow rate caters to more delicate cleaning needs.

Trust in the adaptability of the Axial OEM technology, providing a seamless transition between different pressure levels. With the Simpson 90025, you’re not just investing in a pressure washer pump; you’re acquiring a tool that evolves with your cleaning requirements. Embrace the flexibility and efficiency that this pump brings to your cleaning arsenal.


OEM Technologies Vertical Cam Pump 90025

OEM 2400 PSI @2.0 GPM Axial cam pump is highly efficient, minimizes engine load while delivering top performance, and has a 1-year limited warranty.

The 90025 has stainless steel pistons for improved seal life.

The 90025 is equipped with high performance double high-pressure seals.

The OEM Technologies pump features a stainless steel integrated unloader featuring our easy-start system as standard.


2400 PSI @ 2.0 GPM
Threaded M22 male connection
High performance double seal system prevents water leaks
Thermal relief protection to prevent pump overheating
Dual oversized radial ball bearings are installed for better wear, friction resistance and precision polished stainless-steel pistons for extended seal life.
Sealed maintenance-free crankcase manufactured from fully anodized die cast aluminum for corrosion protection and is sealed to prevent contamination and lube failure.
Gas engine flange that fits most engines
Integrated unloader with easy start feature to make start up a breeze
Aluminum head
¾” Inlet Port
7/8” Shaft
Bolt Pattern SAEJ-609D
Key Way 3/16”

Weight 109 oz
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 9 in


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