Pix P-9540468 Sears MTD Craftsman Drive V-Belt 5/8” X 41 3/16” 754-0468, 954-0468


Pix P-9540468 42″ Mower Deck V-Belt 5/8” X 41″ 13/16” Replaces 745-0468 MTD


  • Compatible with 754-0468, 954-0468 Lawnmower Drive Belt 42″
  • Fit MTD, Troy-Bilt, Yard-Man, Huskee Yard Machines, Bolens 742-04126, 742-0616
  • Cub Cadet
  • MTD Replaces 745-0468
  • Cross Over Oregon 175-993
  • MTD

13A2606G190, 13A2606G790, 13A6606H790, 13AA604F401, 13AB606H730, 13AD604G401, 13AD608G300, 13AF607G352, 13AF608G062, 13AG601H729, 13AI607H019, 13AI607H088, 13AI607H098, 13AI607H118, 13AI608G129, 13AI608H026, 13AI608H062, 13AI608H129, 13AI608H131, 13AI608H352, 13AI609H131, 13AJ606G790, 13AJ608H131, 13AK604G401, 13AK608G009, 13AK608G013, 13AK608G033, 13AK608G062, 13AK608G129, 13AL605H057, 13AL606G730, 13AL608G300, 13AL608G731, 13AN601H729, 13AN607H352, 13AN608G129, 13AP605H755, 13AP606G190, 13AP606H790, 13AP608G129, 13AP60TP090, 13AP60TP290, 13AQ607H000, 13AQ608H129, 13AQ608H131, 13AQ608H729, 13AQ609G022, 13AQ609G033, 13AR606P730, 13AR608G022, 13AR608P731, 13AR609G022, 13AS607H352, 13AS608G033, 13AS608H131, 13AS608H731, 13AT604G401, 13AT604G701, 13AT604G755, 13AT604H401, 13AT604H452, 13AT604H701, 13AT604H755, 13AT605G755, 13AT605H718, 13AT605H755, 13AT606H190, 13AT608H016, 13AU604H099, 13AU604H401, 13AU604H402, 13AU607H131, 13AU608H016, 13AU609H131, 13AV606G597, 13AV607H131, 13AV60GG897, 13AX604G099, 13AX604G401, 13AX604G402, 13AX604H401, 13AX605G755, 13AX605G790, 13AX605H730, 13AZ608H131, 13BD604G401, 13BI608H129, 13BK608G062, 13BK608G129, 13BP605H755, 13BQ607H000, 13BR609G022, 13BS608H131, 13BT604G401, 13BT604G452, 13BT604H401, 13BT604H452, 13BT604H755, 13BX604G401, 13BX605G755, 13CS608H731, 14AG808H163, 14AG808H300, 14AG808H722, 14AI808H131, 14AI808H718, 14AP805K730, 247.27402, 247.27432, TM03212002

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 1 in


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