Genuine Kawasaki 49070-0038 Muffler FS481V FS541V FS600V FX541V FX600V


Genuine Kawasaki 49070-0038 Muffler

FS481V, FS541V, FS600V, FX541V, FX600V
Superseded part number: 49070-7032

Enhanced Performance: Unleash the Power of Genuine Kawasaki 49070-0038 Muffler

Upgrade your motorcycle’s performance with the Genuine Kawasaki 49070-0038 Muffler. Engineered for power enthusiasts, this muffler is designed to enhance your bike’s overall performance. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our muffler guarantees improved exhaust flow, resulting in increased horsepower and torque. Experience a smoother ride with optimized engine efficiency and unleash the full potential of your Kawasaki. Elevate your biking adventure and conquer the road with the Genuine Kawasaki 49070-0038 Muffler.

Precision Craftsmanship: Unmatched Quality for Your Kawasaki Motorcycle

Discover the artistry behind the Genuine Kawasaki Muffler, meticulously crafted for perfection. Our engineers have employed state-of-the-art technology to ensure that each muffler is a masterpiece of precision and quality. The robust construction not only guarantees durability but also provides an aesthetically pleasing addition to your motorcycle. The stainless steel body ensures resistance against corrosion, ensuring your muffler remains as striking as the day it’s installed. Elevate your bike’s aesthetics while enjoying the unrivaled craftsmanship of Genuine Kawasaki.

Silent Dominance: Genuine Kawasaki 49070-0038 Muffler’s Whisper-Quiet Performance

Say goodbye to the roar of traditional mufflers and embrace the tranquility of the Genuine Kawasaki Muffler. Engineered for a whisper-quiet performance, this muffler ensures a noiseless ride without compromising power. Whether you’re cruising through the city streets or conquering off-road trails, the reduced noise levels provide a serene and enjoyable riding experience. Enjoy the freedom of the open road without the disturbance. Elevate your ride with the Genuine Kawasaki Muffler – where power meets silence.

FS481V-AS12 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS481V-AS13 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS481V-AS23 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER(AS23)

FS481V-AS24 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS481V-AS26 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER(AS26)

FS481V-BS08 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS481V-BS12 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS481V-BS13 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS481V-BS24 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS481V-BS26 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER(BS26)

FS481V-CS08 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS481V-CS13 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS481V-CS24 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS481V-CS26 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS481V-DS08 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS481V-DS13 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS481V-DS24 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS481V-ES08 4 Stroke Engine FS481V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS541V-AS16 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER (AS16/BS16)

FS541V-AS26 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS541V-AS27 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS541V-BS10 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS541V-BS11 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS541V-BS16 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER/ (AS16/BS16)

FS541V-BS26 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS541V-BS27 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS541V-BS52 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER(BS52)

FS541V-CS10 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS541V-CS11 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS541V-CS26 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS541V-CS27 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS541V-DS10 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS541V-DS11 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS541V-DS16 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS541V-ES10 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS541V-ES11 4 Stroke Engine FS541V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

FS600V-AS16 4 Stroke Engine FS600V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER(AS16)

Weight 106 oz
Dimensions 18 × 7 × 7 in


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