Genuine Kawasaki 11011-0938 Air Filter Cover Nut & O-Rings 92210-1730 FS651V


Genuine Kawasaki 11011-0938 Air Filter Cover Nut & O-Rings 92210-1730, 92055-7025


Unmatched Durability for Longevity

Ensure your Kawasaki engine’s longevity with the Genuine Kawasaki 11011-0938 Air Filter Cover Nut & O-Rings. Crafted from high-quality materials, this air filter cover nut and O-rings set guarantees unparalleled durability. Engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, these components provide a robust shield for your air filter, keeping it secure and ensuring optimal performance over time. Invest in longevity for your engine with this genuine Kawasaki accessory.

Precision Engineering for Peak Performance

Experience peak performance like never before with the precision-engineered Genuine Kawasaki 11011-0938 Air Filter Cover Nut & O-Rings. Designed to fit seamlessly with your Kawasaki engine, these components ensure an airtight seal, preventing contaminants from entering your engine. The precision machining guarantees a perfect fit, enhancing the overall efficiency of your engine. Elevate your riding experience with components that are as finely tuned as your Kawasaki machine.

Hassle-Free Maintenance for Your Convenience

Simplify your engine maintenance routine with the Genuine Kawasaki 11011-0938 Air Filter Cover Nut & O-Rings. This set is not just about durability and performance; it’s also about convenience. The user-friendly design allows for easy installation and removal, making routine air filter maintenance a breeze. Say goodbye to complicated procedures and hello to a hassle-free maintenance experience. Keep your engine in top-notch condition with the simplicity and convenience of Genuine Kawasaki accessories.


For FS651V, FS691V, FS730V,

Genuine Kawasaki 11011-0938

· FS651V-AS22 4 Stroke Engine FS651V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS651V-BS18 4 Stroke Engine FS651V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS651V-BS21 4 Stroke Engine FS651V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS651V-BS23 4 Stroke Engine FS651V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS651V-BS24 4 Stroke Engine FS651V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS651V-BS52 4 Stroke Engine FS651V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS651V-CS17 4 Stroke Engine FS651V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER(BS17/CS17)

· FS651V-CS18 4 Stroke Engine FS651V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS651V-CS20 4 Stroke Engine FS651V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS651V-DS17 4 Stroke Engine FS651V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS691V-CS19 4 Stroke Engine FS691V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER(BS19/CS19)

· FS691V-DS19 4 Stroke Engine FS691V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS730V-AS25 4 Stroke Engine FS730V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS730V-AS26 4 Stroke Engine FS730V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS730V-BS23 4 Stroke Engine FS730V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS730V-CS17 4 Stroke Engine FS730V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS730V-CS21 4 Stroke Engine FS730V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS730V-CS23 4 Stroke Engine FS730V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS730V-CS25 4 Stroke Engine FS730V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS730V-ES14 4 Stroke Engine FS730V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

· FS730V-FS12 4 Stroke Engine FS730V–>AIR-FILTER/MUFFLER

Weight 27 oz
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 7 in


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