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Wiedenmann Super 600 Sweeping, Mowing, Verdi-Cutting, Flail-type mowing, High Dump



Wiedenmann Super 600

Serial number 10102775000117

Year 2017

Sweeping, Mowing, Verdi-Cutting, Flail-type mowing, High Dump

The SUPER 600 is a heavy-duty sweeper/verticutter/flail mower. The SUPER 600 has approximately 80% more hopper capacity.  The multipurpose head allows for sweeping, verticutting, and flail mowing while collecting clippings in a 5.9 cubic yard hopper with a high dump reach of up to 83″.  The airflow path ensures complete filling of the container.  The SUPER 600 also works extremely well as a core pulverize. Verticut spacing ranges from 3/4″, 1 1/2″, or 2 1/4″.  A big advantage is the floating head which follows contours and the multipurpose head allows sweeping without changing the implements.  Special flotation tires are used with large contact area and low ground pressure to protect the surface.  Another feature is the enviro-friendly chute.  All hydraulic functions are operated by electric controls from the tractor seat.


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