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Buffalo Blower Turbine Blower Wireless Remote-Control Handset


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This is same remote that Buffalo used years ago. We have kept the same remote going and had done several upgrades.
They come with RPM Control if you to like limit how many RMP the user can take the engine up to.
We still have the large handed and now with a batter door for easy battery (2 AA Battery’s) change over.
This takes less than 10 minutes to install. Base unit bolts right onto the battery box with 2, ¼”X 1 bolts
Two wires plug right into the nozzle motor and a few on engine that that should have the plug-in for 12 volt and a 5 amp for throttle controller
We also include a new harness as sometime on your blower vibration can and will rub a wear spot on the wire and short out the controller.
Come with ONE YEAR Warranty
Our Controller are made by Rowe Electronics


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