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593357 Briggs & Stratton Snowblower Carburetor Carb



Compatible with the following:

12A102-0145-E8, 12A102-0146-E8, 12A102-0164-F8, 12A102-0174-F8, 12A102-0176-F8, 12A102-3100-F8, 12A103-0147-E8, 12A103-0148-E8, 12A103-0151-E8, 12A105-0157-F8, 12A105-0159-F8, 12A105-0160-F8, 12A105-0163-F8, 12A105-0170-F8, 12A105-0175-F8, 12A106-0161-F8, 12A106-0165-F8, 12A106-0168-F8, 12A107-0156-F8, 12A107-0162-F8, 12A107-0166-F8, 12A107-0169-F8, 12A107-0171-F8, 12A112-0111-E1, 12A112-0131-E8, 12A112-0134-E1, 12A112-0152-E8, 12A112-0921-E1, 12A112-0921-E8, 12A112-2134-E8,



Additional information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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